Why Car Battery Dies
Why Car Battery Dies

5 Most Common Reasons Why Car Battery Dies Too Often

Researching forums & other community sites, Few people were asking “why car battery dies rapidly?” There a few significant reasons for car battery dying even if you install it perfectly. You will be surprised to know that you are responsible to drain your car battery. You must have to apologize for it! From my personal research about 30-35(%) of car owners facing such issues randomly. But still most of them don’t know the exact reason why car battery dies too often and they can’t control or save the battery at all. In this article, I am going to cover the most common car battery dying reason so you can try to control it easily & save your battery to from dying again and again.


Actually, there are not any hidden reasons why your car battery keeps dying! All the reasons are too common and we too often like to do those faults by knowing or unknown. Most of us such careless about the battery and as a result it dies again and again as we don’t care about it properly.




Batteries are mostly used to run the headlights too often. Once you are driving at night, the battery will help you switch the headlights ON and of course, it’s the main source to power those headlights. Eventually, a battery plays an important role to power up the dome lights as well.

Most of us fond of attending late night parties with cars. Probably you just came from a late night party, tired, drunk and so on! It’s normal that you will forget to turn the headlights OFF and left them ON overnight! On the very next morning, you failed to start your car! It’s because your battery is already drained.



If you are using a corded battery connection I am sure you already faced “loose battery connection” at least once in your life. Even more, I guess! Sometime we can’t drive on a perfect concrete road which is recommended to ensure the car lasts long. Driving on a rough and tough road can cause any kind of technical or general issues. The loose battery connection is the common reason for a car battery dying. Because your car will jump again and again once driving. As a result, the cords can easily be loosened which causes the regular battery dis-connection problem. It’s the most saturated way why car battery dies in regular interval. Make sure to drive carefully on the rough roads.



The charging system is the most important aspect to re-power a battery properly. If your charging system not working perfectly, even your newly bought car battery can die while you are up and driving. Bad charging can go on an extreme level if your belts are loose also the transistor are worn. Also, make sure the charging power source producing the exact electric power unless your battery will drain slowly or in at once. My suggestion is to be careful once you are charging your battery from a car maintenance shop. Because they might not have the proper charger matches your battery & power.



Temperature can be an issue why car battery dies. Are you using a new battery? Well, if your answer is YES then don’t be panic about it. Temperature doesn’t really harm new batteries. But still, you need to be careful.

And if your car battery is older then you will have to be highly careful about it. We most often fond of enjoying the cold temperature weather as known as winter weather. But the extreme cold weather is harmful to your old battery. It can produce an underlying issue as the battery gets cold.

Same as in hot temperature! If your car battery gets extremely hot it’s one of the common reason for car battery dying in hot weather. An extreme hot battery can kill the important cells and produces the drain issue again and again. As a result, you are always unable to start your car.



Weak battery means those kinds of batteries which can’t hold the charge too long. Even if you don’t use the power much your battery stops working. And you can realize that your battery having 0% of charge available. This is the symptom of a weak battery. In your car, there will be a highly powerful single din or double din head unit, car subwoofers, radio, powerful speakers and much more car parts which will surely slowly kill your battery. As they are not getting such power they need to be up and running.


Those are the 5 common reasons why car battery dies at regular interval. Make sure you take care of those initiative matters on your own shake. Otherwise, you won’t be able to cope out from a car battery dying issue. As a result, it will hamper your daily life with a huge time killing opinion. I personally faced few of them and come out with those issues using my own methods. I will be glad if you can take knowledge from this article & take significant actions to help your car battery prevent the dying issue.

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