Ways to Dry Your Car

4 Solid Ways to Dry a Car After Washing Properly

After washing your car properly you may be thinking of “hey, it will dry automatically after a few hours!” If you are thinking as I mentioned then you are into the wrong track. Believe it you don’t only have to carefully wash your car, it’s more than important to drying your car properly using significant ways. We are presenting 4 solid ways how to dry your car after washing it. Implementing them you can easily wash your car at home.


If you have ever done your car wash from any car washing shop near you, you might be discovered they take significant steps to dry a car properly. You might think it’s just a waste of time but you are absolutely wrong! Drying a car is such an important thing regarding long run. If you don’t take it seriously the water won’t be 100% driven which can cause battery damage, jump-starting issue, and more other issues you can face slowly.


After completing your car wash don’t go immediately for drying your car. Wait a minute or two then take action on it. Follow the below methods and discover how to dry car properly after washing.



If you love to take care of your car properly without investing lots of money then you should use this method to save your money. You will find special towels across online which specifically used to make your car dry without making any crutches or if you are interested in purchasing any drying towel you can use your home towel to do complete drying. But make sure the towel fibers are soft enough to keep your car safe from crutches. If you can use microfiber drying towels it will work at an extreme level without leaving any kind of streaks.



To dry a car chamois is the most effective & useful way among others. If you use chamois to dry car, it will give slightly less stress & higher output more than your expectation. But you have to find the real chamois which are made of animal leather especially goat or sheep. It will observe all the waters as it’s made of special synthetic fiber. Start from the top of your vehicle and go at the end smoothly. Change your position and continue drying your vehicle using synthetic chamois.



If you invested a lot in your car tools then you might be having pressurized air tool to dry your car immediately. But if you are not in hurry not often use this method to dry a car. However, turn on your machine & move here and there where water is not yet gone. The machine will observe all the water & give you a super dry car within minutes. Most of the car shops use this technic because it’s less stress & time-saving method to complete the car-drying process.



Isn’t it funny to use a diaper for a car dry? But eventually, diaper really works to dry a car if you are out of essential materials to dry your car. Simply open up the diaper & do like you regularly use towels for drying it perfectly. Make sure to use the up-down process as a diaper is far different than a towel. I guarantee you will get s perfect result as a diaper can observe bunch amount of waters in a second. It can be a crazy best way to dry a car after washing,


There are few more other methods you will get across online on how to dry your car properly but those methods are the simplest & easiest for you to handle. I recommend to use any of the methods depends on your wish and you will be amazed to see the output initially. If you are planning to take your car into the sunshine for a better output you can do that. But actually not necessary of the sun to dry your car. Use the proven methods I shared and you will be able to figure out which works better for you. Hope you got some value on this article. Let us know which method worked perfectly for you and why?

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