How To Upgrade Car Speakers
How To Upgrade Car Speakers

7 Useful Ways How to Upgrade Car Speakers?

Upgrading the audio system for your car isn’t as challenging as you might have thought. Here’s the perfect car speaker upgrade guide to clear the concept about how to upgrade car speakers that you must get along with. However, you may get stuck at some point since various components including the speakers are designed for specific cars.

A well-maintained car can have a high-end stereo system. But if you’re a true audio-freak, there’s always a room for improvement. Even if your car stereo isn’t new, it doesn’t mean you should compromise with the music and its quality. You can easily opt to change your Car Speakers as you like.

If the speakers rattle & hiss with every beat, it’s high time you should consider breathing a new life into the music by upgrading car speakers.

While upgrading, you may have no idea where to start or what budget it may require and also the speaker size is such an important part to look at. It’s best to seek guidance from the industry experts. Here’re a few suggestions on how to upgrade car speakers.

Even the simplest improvements for upgrading car speakers without amp can yield noticeable results. If you are looking for the right path to build a great car audio system, just stick to this amazing car speaker upgrade guide that mentions 7 useful ways on how to upgrade car speakers. So let’s dive in:




Before hopping into impulsive spending your hard-earned money, you need to consider a few crucial factors. Are you looking for just a basic head unit or a full-fledged multimedia system for your back seat passengers? You must spend enough time researching on the major components to come up with just the perfect wish list.

This will help you determine the final cost that can further be compared with your current budget. While making the budget, set aside the additional installation fees, labor and parts, like head unit mounting kits and required wiring



For obvious reasons, you can’t rely on some inexperienced person for that. You must get along with the audio installation experts, who can ensure the right connections & fine-tune your system. You’ll stumble upon a ton of installers online, but you must narrow down the list and pick the one by checking shops reputation and previous reviews. Asking for referrals from friends and family for their previous experience with the certain provider can be very much helpful.

Visit the selected shops and share your requirements with them like what audio goals you want to accomplish. The reputable shop will give you the honest and right opinion within your budget. Don’t forget to ask about the labor rates as well as warranty.



So for obvious reasons, cars don’t come equipped with the high-end and optimal car stereo from the factory. It’s normally about what feature would turn up best for the audio needs of the car like mp3 music, phone call, radio, navigation and much more. Therefore, you must have a clear idea about the feature you’ll need before picking the right car head unit while buying.

There’s a huge variety out there like single din, DC/DVD/MP3 player, double din, GPS, multimedia and more. So make sure you pay the due diligence in choosing the most suitable unit that perfectly matches with your requirements.



When it comes to upgrading stereo, speaker replacement is one of the smartest moves to make. Premium speakers are made up of the higher quality material so that it sounds better and last longer as compared to the factory speakers.

Bitter Truth! But the factory speakers are mostly made up of a cheap single/dual paper cone. Due to which, it not only doesn’t produce the deep & lasting sound but also wears down over time due to continuous usage. Upgrading to high-quality component speakers would be a significant improvement. Do you still have dought how to upgrade car speakers without having major issues? Keep reading…



Normal car speakers can’t produce that much depth to the sound. Perhaps that’s the reason why people prefer getting along with the subwoofer as it improves the sound of your system simply by enhancing bass & adding depth to the sound system.

So obtain more bass, you need to decide what size of subwoofers work best. While deciding what exact type of subwoofer you should invest in, make sure you compare specifics like frequency range, number of voice coils, power output, sensitivity, and impedance.



In case you use poor quality cables, it directly affects the quality thereby degrading it. You can achieve the high-quality audio by using a cable with greater thickness. As per the rule of thumb, 16-gauge wire will be more than enough if the distance from speaker to an amplifier is less than 80 feet.

For more distance, you can also you 14-gauge and 10-gauge wires. Using insufficient gauge wires will inevitably cause the speakers to be starved for power when you want to increase the volume. So make sure you have the good quality wires in order to ensure better signal flow allowing improved sound quality is coming from your speakers.



To help improve the sound quality, make sure you install sound deadening as well. You need to apply it on the metal panels, and it’ll eliminate metal vibration thereby ensuring a more stable platform for the speakers. With this system embedded, you won’t have to volume-up the music while driving to overlap the interior and road noise. For sure, it’ll allow you to enjoy more musical details as well.


Did you discovered how to upgrade car speakers in simple steps? Make sure you followed those tips to upgrade your car speakers. If you are upgrading from any auto expert or shop make sure you discussed enough on various tings regarding those steps I mentioned. Happy upgrading!

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