How To Install Car Speakers
How To Install Car Speakers

How To Install Car Speakers Without Hiring An Expert!

Getting the best audio experience in your car you are bound to select the best speakers in the aftermarket. By the by you also have to be well known about how to install car speakers in simple steps if you are having a lower budget or if you are simply crazy about installing car speakers by yourself!

Are you thinking it’s a hard task to install or replace your car speakers? You are absolutely wrong! Installing car speakers by yourself is much easier than drinking a glass of water. But of course you need to be well trained & knowledge of the installation process. After that, you can boom yourself!

Fortunately, we are here to give you some useful processes on how to install car speakers without taking a help of experts. So let’s begin!




Has an old useless speaker installed in your car? It’s the proper time to remove your useless speaker and get a new stylish one to allow your car a modern look. So how to remove old car speaker?

  • Disconnect Battery: First thing first, you are bound to disconnect your battery before getting started with the car battery installation process. If you are not careful to disconnect the battery there is a high opportunity to blow you brand new speaker.
  • Disconnect Screws: There you go! It’s time to get a screwdriver and get yourself into removing the screws one by one. Make sure you don’t let those screws here and there you may need them in the future. Better to attach then with the speaker magnets.
  • Disconnect Wires: There may be wires directly connected to your speaker without a clip. If so, carefully remove the wires from your old speaker. If they are connected along with clips then simply remove the clips. Finally, remove the old speaker from your dash area and you are up to next step on how to install car speakers.



before going to the installing process you need to pick the proper size speaker depends on your dash area. You might know there are different sizes of car speakers available in the aftermarket to be fitted in your dash area. Once you selected your speaker to let’s follow the steps:

  • connectors: Most of the modern speakers are fit to use connectors. If you have an old connector to be connected with your car audio system, It’s better to get a new one to be safe.
  • connect With Connectors: Once you got everything OK it’s the proper time to connect the speaker with both of the connectors. Make sure you match the terminals (negative & positive) correctly.
  • screw: Once the connection is properly done you are up to screw your speakers. Hey, wait! Just screw 1-2 because you need to test your speakers to be sure if it’s working perfect or not. So hang on there.
  • turn On Battery: Seems you are done with your installation process. Now your duty is to reconnect the battery power that we disconnected at the beginning of our installation process to allow speakers to be safe.



The next duty is to testing the installed speakers properly and making sure that the brand new speaker is working like a crazy! Well, turn ON your car and get started your car stereo system with your favorite music. Test the speaker, you can customize your equalizer, volume to test things as you like.

All perfect right? So isn’t it such pleasure to install car speaker by yourself? Of course, it is!



they don’t just enjoy the music! We have not yet finished the installation process properly. Once everything is working fine your duty is to turn OFF your car also the battery and properly mount your speaker to make sure the job is done perfectly. Properly screw the speakers if there are no issues available and enjoy the music without having an old useless speaker.


so finally you are able to know how to install car speakers by yourself without hiring an automotive expert right? It’s always simple to installing car speaker without having an expert. It was a surprising pleasure for those people who didn’t even think about installing a car speaker by themselves.


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