How To Install Car Battery
How To Install Car Battery

How To Install Car Battery Yourself At Your Home

Are you making an attempt to figure out how to install car battery at your home by yourself? Well, installing car battery is not that much difficult as we fair about it! In this article, I will cover car battery installation process in easy simple steps so you can complete the installation by your own hands without hiring any mechanic or without having any technical issues.


To complete the installation process perfectly your main task will be to following some significant steps. Those will ensure you getting expected power from your car battery. Also, a perfect installation process saves valuable car parts thus a careless installation may burn your valuable car inside or outside parts. So, let us focus on the installation process:



Before installing car battery, make sure you turned off all your car inside or outside parts which are connected to the battery. It can be connected directly or sub connection. You must make sure to disconnect all the connections from the battery. Otherwise, your favorite parts can get burnt in a second.



You may have an old battery installed which is already dead. Thus you are installing a new car battery to continue the process. There will be lots of dirty materials in your car tray. Those dirty materials surely going to hard your new installed battery. So, it’s always wise to clear it up then go and place your battery and be safe for next few years!



As long as you have cleaned your tray properly, it’s time to place the battery in the tray. But make sure your battery is fully charged before you go through placing it in the battery tray. Also, make sure you aligned the battery perfectly so that you can connect wires as your previous battery had.



Regarding the asking phrase of how to install car battery perfectly “wires connecting” is the main & sensitive part. But it’s not a difficult at all! Once connecting wires, make sure to get a clear concept on the terminals available for a car battery. Actually, there are 2 terminals (positive & negative). Make sure to connect both cables properly. Attach the positive one (red) first then follow the negative terminal which is black colored.

What if you connect wrong terminals?

Well, if you connect the wrong terminals like red-black; black-red there can be several problems happen with your car.

No Connection: The basic problem will happen is, there will be no connection from your car battery either! Your car won’t start also other parts not gonna work for sure! But never panic, it doesn’t mean your car is dead or your car battery installation process is dead. Simply make a correction and change the terminals.

Discharging Issue: Few of my friend noticed that connecting with the wrong terminals discharged their battery powerfully. Even at 0%. Which is really horrible! I never faced that kind of problem in my life. But yes your battery can be discharged if you connect wrong terminals and power on the battery!

Burning Parts: The most disgusting part is, installing car battery in the wrong terminals can burn your valuable car parts. And that kind of thing happens more often if you connect the wrong terminals. Make sure to connect the right terminals then turn your battery on and start your car.



Once the installation process is completed properly, close the hood carefully so that the battery doesn’t get any chance to get distortion issue. Also, make sure you placed the extra wires in safe place otherwise it can cut anyhow and make a short-circuit issue.




Now you are all set to go with your car with the new battery installed. Enjoy your new powerful battery and help yourself making something different with your car.

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I am pretty sure that your question on how to install car battery is completely solved after covering this article. This car battery installation process will ensure you saving quite a handsome number of money that you may be going to invest in hiring a mechanics. Also, this guide will force you to learn more about your cars which will improve your knowledge about the car technical parts. Eventually, most of the car owners don’t have a rich knowledge of the technical issues of a car. If you can earn some knowledge then it will be your benefit solving issues by yourself. Make sure you followed the process carefully and I assume you can complete installing car battery by your own hands

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