How Does A Car Battery Work
How Does A Car Battery Work

How Does a Car Battery Work: Simple Introduction!

Each & every car owner knows that they are having a battery inside their car. But most of them never know how does a car battery work for their car to run too often without any issues! In this article, I will instruct simple steps to clear about a car battery working system. Hope this guide will bring you basic ideas to clear the concept properly.

A car battery is one of the most important parts to be compared with others. Maybe you know that other car parts are powered through the battery to help them up and running until the battery is alive. In case your car battery is down for any reason, as a result, all of your car parts will switch off automatically as those are not getting power from the battery. That’s why car battery is such an unskip-able part to run the whole car properly. From your own interest, you may be wanted to know how does a car battery work! Let me help you get some valuable information about the topic you are searching from long since.


Before going into the main steps we need to know what a car battery actually is! The car battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electricity. Most of the car batteries having 6 cells and each cell have 2 plates inside the car. And the most important part is the acid inside the battery. Yes, I am talking about the sulfuric acid (H2SO4). Maybe most of us know that sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is the life of a battery.



A typical car battery in build with six cells. In each cell, there are two plates included. One is made of lead, and the other is lead dioxide. Most of the car battery having six cells and produces 12-volts power. That means each cell delivers us 2-volts of energy. So, 6 cells X 2-Volts = 12-volts from each battery.


The plates are engrossed in sulfuric acid (H2SO4) which helps the plates to create reactions between plates. Scientists proved that at this stage, the acid acts like a catalyzer.


After that this acid will trigger a reaction on the lead dioxide plate and there will be newborn ions (/ˈaɪɒn, -ən/) & lead sulfate (PbSO4).


The ions produced by the lead dioxide plate react to the adjustment plate to produce hydrogen (H2) & lead sulfate.


As a result of those steps, the chemicals produce electrons and forces electrons to run around the plates too often. Electrons now generate electricity and pass through the battery terminals. As a result, we get energy from the battery terminals once we connect it with car properly. Actually, this is how a battery works. Isn’t it so simple.


Can you think of your car without a battery? I know your answer will be “Of Course NOT!” Yes without a battery your car is like a useless plastic that we often discover in a dirt area. As a car owner, you just need to be having basic knowledge about the car battery, how does a car battery work, what a car battery is, how to install car battery yourself, and a lot more. Then you may feel comfortable to choose the best car battery for yourself.

Hope this guide gave you a few basic knowledge of how a car battery works actually. Still not enough in your mind? Feel free to read again and your concept will be fully clear all along.

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