Best Double DIN Head Unit
Best Double DIN Head Unit

Top 9 Best Double DIN Head Unit 2018: For Non-Stop Sound!

Choosing a best double DIN head unit is always a hard task. In my opinion, I go for the big screen and of course with the touch screen feature, the sound, fit etc. Before buying an item, have a well research about the product which will entertain you in your rough & tough time.

At this modern age, we mostly like to get something updated & exclusive. Regarding head units, for your car, best double DIN head unit will be the smart way of giving a modern shape of a car which is as known as 2 DIN head unit.

To help you select the best 2 DIN head unit we did a depth research on the topic and picked the best ones available in the aftermarket. This guide will short out your time and be going to help you select the best one for your car within a few minutes!


Before getting started with the depth discussion let’s have a closer look at the products we have chosen for you.


(editorial pick)


The Pioneer brand is the leading place taker in the double din head unit category. Among their products, Pioneer AVH4200NEX is the best regarding its performance & quality. Features included this product is highly professional & fits on in-dash area included the modern age technology. This item is highly flexible as it fits any sized head unit you got.

  • It has a 7-inch rare display screen to give you a better video output with high sensitivities. Also, the responsive touch-screen will let you fall in love with this item. It comes with TFT, LCD You can easily adjust the volume, control the equalizer from your 1 hand.
  • Included built-in Bluetooth technology to help you take the advantage of hands-free calls while driving in the rural area. This technology also helps streaming audios without any difficulty. You can connect 2 phones at a time to control the things you want.
  • Built-in iPod, iPad, iPhone control will enhance the user performance that we often look for. Simply connect your devices and get into the action of enjoying music from your devices. The features are already installed in this best 2 DIN head unit.
  • The CD/DVD receiver helps you playing music, movies and any multimedia from a CD. It has an internal amp  (14 watts RMS cea-2006/50 peak x 4 channels) to power things up and supplies you the best sound output that you needs.
  • In-Built Bluetooth technology
  • Large 7-inch display
  • Has touch-screen enabled
  • Has 5 band graphics equalizer
  • Comes with backup camera input
  • Has CD/DVD receiver
  • No wireless remote available
  • The touch-screen sometime loses sensitivity
  • Unclear images in bad weather




Sony is a leading brand not only regarding car audio but also they are the most popular manufacturer in general audio. The Sony XAV-AX100 is the most comfortable 2 din car stereo as it supports both Android & Apple smart-phones. This excellent head unit has single sized radio with a double din interface. Great way to entertain your friends and family on a long driving tour. The reasons why we featured this awesome car head unit for you:

  • Comes up with a 6.4-inch responsive modern touchscreen Which gives you ultra HD video experience even in day-light. Enjoy your favorite movies with this double din stereo with an ultra clear sound.
  • Included voice controlling feature with Apple Car Play & Android Auto. This feature allows controlling your system by commanding on voice. The feature is such essential once you are up and running with your car and you don’t have the scope to touch your system.
  • Produces powerful sound with 100% satisfaction & less noise. The powerful sound produces with the 4 x 55 W Dynamic Reality Amp. Audio Level Adjustment enabled (-8 dB to +18 dB).
  • This best double din head unit lets us creating virtual speakers on our dashboard with the help of the dynamic stage organization (DSO). This feature helps you playing sound by creating virtual speaker by yourself even if you don’t have a speaker installed.
  • Comes with a single sized radio with a double din interface That means there is a lot of room available to put your extra wire harness & the cables.
  • The 10-band graphics equalizer allows us to control the sound based on our test. Controlling is such easy that even your kid can adjust the equalizer.
  • Rare touch-screen enabled
  • Voice controlling feature
  • Audio level adjustment
  • 10 band graphics equalizer
  • Hands-free Bluetooth feature
  • No wireless remote control
  • No CD/DVD receiver


(Best Budget)

Boss Audio is always known as the best budget product manufacturer since they started. Their product is always reasonable in your budget. The BOSS Audio BVB9358RC included a large number of features like: touchscreen, Bluetooth, CD/DVD/MP3/USB, wireless remote, audio streaming and lot more essentials. This best double DIN head unit will help you save your money but gives the same features as the market available high price products.

  • Comes with a 2-inch touchscreen display with a high responsive feature. You are getting a flexible responsive touchscreen display at the best affordable price ever online. The monitor included is a digital LCD monitor.
  • Bluetooth hands-free technology enabled which lets you make & receive calls. This technology also allows you streaming audio. Means you can control your music
  • This best 2 din head unit can play Bluetooth/CD/DVD/USB/SD/MP3/WMA, AM/FM radio, smartphonesOccupied sound lets you enjoy your leisure time playing music from those supporting devices Boss is allowing.
  • Control audio system manually with a special module they allowed. You can balance you audio sound, control the bass & fader. Which lets you have a more clear sound output from your audio system.
  • Compatible with audio output from your smartphone and MP3 player.
  • The rare backup camera allows taking group photos, video calls, single photos and much more creative things you wish to do. Simply turn on the camera and enjoy with your friends and family.
  • Digital LED monitor
  • Dands-free Bluetooth Technology
  • Compatible with Smartphones & MP3 player
  • The rare backup camera included
  • Comes with a wireless remote
  • Doesn’t have an Apple car play
  • Technical issues on cold weather

Pioneer AppRadio 4 SPH-DA120

(Best Selling)


When it comes to Pioneer brands it’s always something extra special we always get. Pioneer AVH-X2800S is one of the smartest brands in 2 DIN head unit arena. It’s the best double din head unit because of performance & the features included in the pack. This product supports the iPhone, Android phone and lot more common items which we use too often. The super responding touch screen helps us taking the most advantage of touchscreen technology.

  • The 2-inch capacitive touchscreen display gives us a real view of video animation that we are all often looking for. Extra clean graphics quality gives it a more live experience that full fill the expectation of our daily needs.
  • Exclusive built-in Bluetooth technology allows having hands-free calls and unstoppable audio streaming even if we have a lower speed internet connection. The powerful Bluetooth device completes the tasks faster than the others.
  • Apple CarPlay app included which is compatible with iPhone 5 or the later versions of it. The AppRadio mode functionality for iPhone and Android phone, MirrorLink, SiriEyes free technology also available in this best double din head unit.
  • Easily fits double DIN dash opening which is 4-inch taller. If your head dash 4-inch taller or a bit less then Pioneer AVH-X2800BS will be the best double din head unit car stereo for you.
  • This item doesn’t have a wireless remote technology but eventually, the touchscreen will help you never to worry about the wireless remote. As wireless remote is not that much important than a touchscreen.
  • A rare touchscreen display
  • In-build Bluetooth technology
  • Hands-free calling 247
  • Audio streaming
  • Apple CarPlay & AppRadio mode
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, MirrorLink
  • Wireless remote not available
  • Not supports iPad


(Most Popular)


Jensen VX7020 Double DIN car stereo is come up with a small 6.2-inch touchscreen display but never the least. It’s one of the best double din head units which is most popular in America & Canada. As it has a slightly small display so the manufacturer builds user-friendly buttons on the left-hand area to make it more useful to the buyers. This perfect 2 din head unit provides all-around performance & the features are such valuable.

  • 2-inch LCD TFT display allows getting high regulation video & comfortable viewing experience on your favorite contents, videos or any business presentation preparation. The touchscreen provides a real experience that makes things easier for you even the screen is smaller.
  • In-build Bluetooth technology allows receiving multimedia items more vast easily than the others. Also, it allows us making & receiving all hands-free calls. The vast majority of Bluetooth technology allowed devices to connect without any interaction.
  • You are allowed to control your SiriusXM, Pandora, iHeartRadio & Spotify apps from the home screen also able to stream your favorite music or movies or any multimedia from your Apple or Android Phones. And all of the tasks can be done without any wires!
  • iGo Primo Navigation will help us read the road maps easily. This car stereo allows 11 million points to be looked and it contentiously updates based on your location. Only for this feature, the model is such popular and people always needs roadmap these days to be sure where they are going.
  • Allows HDMI/MHL Connectivity to ensure you get the most advantage from the wireless connectivity using your favorite iPhone, iPad or Android Phone.
  • LCD TFT touchscreen
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Hands-free calls
  • Can control from Apple or Android Phone
  • iGo Primo Navigation
  • HDMI/MHL connectivity
  • Wireless remote control not available
  • No LED display feature
  • Small display


(New Arrival)

Kenwood DPX502BT is newly launched car stereo system for your car. This Kenwood 2 din head unit is mostly popular for it’s nice & clean look and the ultimate features included in the pack. It’s classic & ultra clear look forces people to fall in love with it. This car stereo included Bluetooth technology, USB interface, CD, MP3/WMA/AAC, iPod etc. Let’s talk about more features that Kenwood DPX502BT double din head unit got:

  • Comes with a large multi-line display with full spectrum variable illumination. The stereo is included with a few useful buttons to control the whole head unit properly.
  • This best double din head unit has the following features included: AM/FM radio, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3/WMA/AAC, iPod, USB, HD/satellite radio-ready, Bluetooth-ready receiver.
  • The exclusive Bluetooth remote controller lets you controlling the audio, playback, equalizer, changing the track and lot more functions included in the item.
  • Connect your iPod or Android phone with the USB or with the Bluetooth technology in-buildup with this product. The audio produces an extreme level of music experience with both iPod & Android phone.
  • 13-Band graphics equalizer gives it an extra outlook which really changes the car inside environment especially at night. The lighting is superbly designed to deliver a perfect view.
  • Supports iPod & Android phone
  • In-build Bluetooth enabled
  • Comes with remote control
  • Can control from Apple or Android Phone
  • Have CD, CD-R/RW
  • Audio supported: MP3/WMA/AAC
  • No DVD supporting
  • Touch-screen not available
  • No video playback



JVC KW-V830BT is one of the best car stereo systems which allows built-in Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling and audio streaming also. This stereo system is highly popular for it’s lower budget and the significant features included with it. Let’s has a look at the features JVC KW-V830BT car stereo system providing us:

  • In-build Bluetooth technology available to help us making hands-free calls & also streaming audio without any distortion. The most common technology which available in several car stereos. But this one got something special to produce high-quality sound for you.
  • Built-in MOSFET amplifier included in this head unit. Which produces RMS power of 22 watts & peak power of 50 watts. And this JVC model has 4 channel support to ensure you get the best sound experience in low power.
  • Supports audio formats of: MP3, WMA, WAV, and FLAC music files
  • Comes up with an exclusive remote control system that works perfectly from a long distance. The remote control system is made to work perfectly from the Bluetooth technology.
  • 3-zone variable color display lets you choose different colors & you can control it as you like. The perfect controlling system will force you to fall in love with this best double din head unit for a longer period of time.
  • If you are looking for a smart touch-screen featured double din head unit then this one is not for you my friend. Check out the previous reviews we have already done and you will be able to find the best one for you.
  • Hands-free calling
  • Built-in MOSFET amplifier
  • Wireless remote included
  • 3-Zone variable color display
  • iPod connectivity enabled
  • High-quality sound
  • Touch-screen not available
  • No video playback
  • USB feature not available



Power Acoustik PDN 626B is mostly popular because of it’s smart to look from all around. This item let’s you take the full advantage of the smooth touch screen display feature from your one hand. Also included with a few buttons to ensure you get an all round performance from it. You can easily customize the whole system as you like. In-build modern features will notch out the expectation on the high! Let’s have a look at the features they producing:

  • 2-inch LCD rare touch-screenalways makes thing smoother & this product is always the most user friendly to every class people. Unfortunately, Power Acoustik PDN 626B not having any LED display feature included with it.
  • Display resolution of 800 x 480
  • In-build Bluetooth technologyenables to connect any wireless devices through the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The GPS navigationlet’s you track your location also you can get a correct idea about your destination. Manufacture specially designed this feature to make it the best double din head unit feature available in other brands.
  • Non-stop video & audio playingguaranteed! You can play audio videos from wireless, disc, any smartphone, from USB and lot more. Also included with radio streaming
  • The smart handsome design will give your car into a modern shape of view. You will always fell comfortable using this 2 din head unit with full satisfaction.
  • LCD display
  • Comes with rare touch-screen
  • GPS navigation enabled
  • Can play radio
  • Bluetooth technology enabled
  • DVD player included
  • Wireless remote not available
  • No LED display
  • No graphics equalizer


Regetek 7″ Double DIN Touchscreen is market available best 2 din head unit because of it’s large 7-inch high performing touch screen display. This item comes up with a bunch of acceptable features that we love to have. Performance level of this car stereo system is more than our expectation. It’s going to notch our experience level on the sky. Let’s have a look the exclusive features Regetek 7″ Double DIN Touchscreen car stereo got for us:

  • This multimedia car stereo has a 7-inch large touchscreen displayto get the better experience in the video industry. The LCD touchscreen has HD mode of video playing ability with 800 x 400 dimension. The live experience of HD view will enhance your experience from the beginning of usages.
  • Supports bluetooth technology for hands-free calling, audio streaming, playing music and supports apps like: Spotify/Pandora wirelessly.
  • Comes up with a responsible wireless remote control systemto make things easier for you.
  • Included with built-in USB & AUX input & Subwoofer Output. The built-in TF memory card slotalso available with this pack up to 32GB.
  • In-build rare cameralet’s us taking inside videos, photos, selfies and more tasks to be done from this camera. The rare camera input collaborates us to get involved with this product from the first look. But no camera is included with it
  • Also included with GPS navigation featureto track the road map for you. This feature will show you the correct direction of your destination that you are looking to make things more easier for you.
  • On the home screen, it shows date & time
  • LCD touchscreen
  • HD video playing
  • Hands-free calling
  • Supports camera input
  • Wireless remote control
  • Supports radio
  • Not supports LED
  • Camera is not included
  • Needs high power input


Choosing a best double din head unit for your car there are a few things to be considered before getting one instantly for you. Make sure to read everything properly before getting started to buy one!


The first thing I personally like to get a large awesome display for my head unit. Even if it’s not available with a touch screen feature or so. I always focus on getting something different for my car stereo system. But regarding this modern age, you may be searching for a touchscreen smart head unit at the first choice. Make sure to check the dimensions & the size of the display.


Most of the double din head unit is included with smartphone capability. But still some of the won’t! Make sure you got something will support your smartphones like apple, android etc. Because this feature will help you playing more handsomely with your stereo system.


We always talk about the features included in a head unit. There are some mandatory features that must need to come up with your 2 din head unit. What are they?

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Smart-phone connectivity
  • Hands free calls
  • Responsive touch-screen
  • CD/DVD player
  • Remote control etc


The last & the most important thing is the pricing of a head unit system! Well, researching the market price we tracked that average price of a double din head unit is around $200-$250. So it will be most important to choose your budget before getting started to have one for you.


Double din head unit is always something extra features included than the single din head unit. Difference between single din and double din is hue far behind. But finding the best double din head unit for your system is much difficult these days. We tried to make things easier for you as we reviewed the market’s best 2 din head unit available in the market this modern age. Hope this review will short out your time killing long review reading and getting one. Make sure you read the whole article from top to bottom with 100% attention.


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